Photography, Videography, and their Relationship to Cyber Bullying.

Contrary to what many people believe, bullying has been around for many generations, and was not as uncommon as some think. While bullying has gained more popularity over the last decade or so, it has been present in society for years, yet exhibited in more primitive and traditional ways.

In an effort to better understand the nature, causes, and control of bullying, it is important to elaborate on its definition.



A pattern of behavior in which one individual

Is chosen as the target of repeated aggression

by one or more others, the target person (the

victim) generally has less power than those

who engage in aggression (the bullies). (Baron &

Branscombe, 2012)


Bullying in the past, involved mainly the use of physical and/or verbal aggression. Creation of rumors, was a popular way to slandering a persons’ image. This type of bullying was most detrimental in small towns or villages, where most of its residents knew each other. In times such as the middle age, branding and/or hanging a woman who had committed adultery, or was accused of witchcraft, was a common way of bullying on behalf of society.



With the passage of years and technological advances, bullying has become more sophisticated. The use of social media as a portal to diminish someone’s image, or divulge personal or erroneous information, has become more and more popular. Ridiculing on national television through shows such as American Idol, Cheaters, Catfish, etc., are common aggressive behaviors that not only entice bullying, but also reinforce it. Furthermore, face to face physical and verbal bullying, continue to happen amongst children, teenagers, adults, and elders.


While there are many factors that contribute to aggressive behavior, the motive to hold power through the means of inflicting fear tactics, appears to be the main motive. Some of the common denominators that bullies hold, include a low level of self-esteem, and a tendency to depression. When a bully terrorizes another individual, he/she feels better about themselves, as the fear produced on the victim, provides them a temporary sensation of power, respect, and authority.


While there are psychological traits, that are particular to bullies, their very own personal experiences, may be a factor. It is not uncommon for bullies to have been victims themselves or to have experienced such example from close relatives. Outside help is just as important for the bullies as it is for the victims. Assistance for dealing with aggression, traumas, and other severe behavioral patterns, is available through different organizations such as social services, community services board, guidance counselors, and more.


Identifying aggressive behavior early on, is imperative for its correction. As stated above, many professional organizations are able to assist in evaluating, assessing, and remediating this behavior. Parents, teachers, and family should encourage positive reinforcement and in the case of minors, make proper recommendations in an effort to prevent or reduce bullying occurrences.

Much of the bullying occurring today, revolves around the misuse of social media. Many teenagers, and women, who have been victims of sexual assault under intoxication, have suffered cyberbullying through the divulgence of personal, obscene, and intimate photos and videos. Some of these cases, have been so extreme, that lead many people to drug-addiction, alcoholism, low self-esteem, decreased academic or professional progress, depression, and in severe circumstances, suicide. The misuse of social media, has also been responsible for the trafficking of minor and adult females, and for the distribution of child pornography, amongst other types of cyberbullying.

Many of the events revolved around cyberbullying. Furthermore, impersonating of others, is extremely popular in social media sites, such as: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Needless to say, it can also very damaging and destructive to the image and character of a person.

When bullying occurs, whether directly or through social media, it not only affects the victim, but also the family members and friends of that person. It has the capability of destroying lives, and causing detrimental consequences to the mental, physical, and emotional well-being of others.

While many sites have age limits and restrictions, it is quite easy for a minor to bypass these by inputting false information. Unfortunately, because social media is used by millions of people, it is virtually impossible for the developers and administrators of such sights, to scan each of these accounts individually. To make matters worse, the rapid creation of new sites and applications such as Snap Chat, make it not only hard to control cyber-bullying, but also appear to entice them.

There are many other apps, which are specifically made to provoke social aggression while hiding it. For example, a known and popular application, that allows the exchange of pictures and videos, comes in the disguising form of a calculator. Applications like this, are created to help teenagers and adults, hide their activity from their family and loved ones as needed.

The credit for this post goes to Michael, who’s a paving contractor in Mobile, Alabama. He’s a father to two you boys and takes bullying very seriously, especially in this day and age.

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